Giving back


We believe that stunting is a huge injustice that disadvantages millions of children, and should be eradicated.

Kaazi Beach Resort supports a nutrition project that teaches youth how to grow healthy food in a bid to stop the problem of ‘stunting, 

which affects one in three children in Uganda.

Stunted children have a low immune system and an underdeveloped brain. Consequently, they suffer from poor health and low intelligence. 

Many stunted children repeat classes or drop out of primary school. In Uganda, 

only one in three children who start primary school complete the last year.

One of the main causes of stunting is lack of a balanced diet during the mother’s pregnancy and the child’s first two years, 

in particular lack of Vitamin A, zinc, iron, iodine and proteins. 

Teenage pregnancies and low birth spacing are also to blame.

Stunting cannot be cured. But it can be prevented. 

One way is to ensure that pregnant women and infants eat foods that not only contain carbohydrates but also vitamins, minerals and proteins. 

Other ways are avoiding teenage pregnancies and spacing births.

To that aim, Kaazi Beach Resort organizes training workshops for school children and teachers on how to grow vegetables and fruits that can prevent stunting